Why World Supermarket is the Best Place to Sell Online

If you have awesome products and are looking for the best place to sell online, you have come to the right place. We are always looking for exciting new companies to partner with and help take their business to the next level.

Our innovative platform will help you create a strong brand identity, expand your market potential and connect you with customers all over the world.

Ultimately, World Supermarket is the best and cheapest way to sell online for so many fantastic reasons. Here are 10 of the best:

1. Selling Online With World Supermarket is Super Easy!

Many e-commerce platforms can be complicated and it is difficult to market your products to the right audience. Luckily, here at World Supermarket, we understand these complications and have streamlined the process with our user-friendly website, to help you achieve all of your selling goals!

2. It Is Completely FREE to Set Up a Free Online Shop With World Supermarket

That’s right. There are absolutely no insertion or registration fees. We take a small commission fee of 10%, but only when you sell a product.

3. You Can Set Up a Free Online Webstore Within MINUTES

Right again! We care about your business and our main focus is to help you reach a global audience in just a few simple steps. World Supermarket has been specially designed to get you selling with just a few clicks of a button.

Our smart platform means you don’t have the hassle of building a website from scratch, and are instead presented with a platform and all the tools required to help you personalise and manage your own shop with the support of our innovative site.

4. You Can Design Your Own Online Shop Front

We understand that having the flexibility and freedom to customise your individual shop is fundamental in establishing your brand identity. Each of our seller pages will enable you to:

  • Upload a profile and cover image

  • Update your ‘About Us’ page

  • Add videos

  • Publish your own blog posts which you can link to on social media

5. We Will Help Increase Your Efficiency

Managing your products, orders and customers is a walk in the park with our user-friendly dashboard! All of your information can be accessed via one set of log in details and easily updated as you develop your company and product lines.

6. Knowledge Really is Power – Gain Insights into Your Customers and Their Buying Behaviour

Following registration and the setup of your FREE online webstore, you will have access to your bespoke shop dashboard and plenty of tools. This comprehensive, yet simplistic presentation of statistics will help you better understand your customers and what they are looking for, which in turn will help you tailor your business plan.

7. Your Business Is So Important to Us

Our award-winning support team are always on hand to help you with any issues you have with regards to your online shop and customers. What’s more, we are extremely proud of our online platform and the amazing feedback we have received from our current sellers. We enjoy working hard to help our sellers achieve the best possible results for their businesses.

8. We Can Work With You On a Bespoke Marketing Plan!

Once you have listed all your products in your free online shop, we can support you in pushing your best deals and promotions to our customers. From giveaways to blog posts, sponsored Facebook posts and retargeting techniques, we will work on your behalf to drive traffic to your products. Moreover, we will continuously review the plan to find ways to increase conversions.

9. Take Your Company Global With Smarter E-Commerce!

World Supermarket was founded on the premise of being able to shop online for exciting, affordable products from all over the globe. This is your chance to showcase your business and quality stock on a world stage, with assistance from the passionate team at World Supermarket.

10. We Love Hearing Your Ideas!

We have a friendly and ambitious team at World Supermarket who would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make World Supermarket the best way to sell online and more convenient for you. Simply get in touch via [email protected]

Welcome to World Supermarket!

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