About us

The idea for World Supermarket was born from a backpack when our founder Lewis Younger, set off to see the world and all it had to offer back in 2004.

After a couple of months travelling it soon became clear to Lewis that people in the UK and indeed around the world, were not being exposed to the beauty and quality which comes with purchasing products from other countries.

Lewis found himself admiring garden statues, furniture, clothes and home accessories at just a fraction of the price we would pay in England.

With a fiery passion to change this, and open customers in the UK up to products inspired by exotic cultures and influences, Lewis set his sights on a global platform to change the way people shop.

During the past few years, the team has grown and evolved. We have also been expanding our horizons by working with sellers from many different countries to come up with a unique and simple way for you to browse, shop and enjoy hundreds and thousands of products you have always dreamed of, at prices you never thought existed.

Our vision is simple. We are a global e-commerce site dedicated to matching expert sellers and their quality products with shoppers in hundreds of countries. We are proud of our platform, which is easy to use and gives you plenty of choices when it comes to your online shopping.

What’s more, we believe in ensuring you can shop online with confidence, which is why our online comparison tool has been specifically designed to ensure that you get the right price and delivery options for your shopping needs.

From kitchen gadgets to beauty products, furniture and homeware, our diverse range of products is continuously increasing, and we can’t wait to show you around!

Sign up today, select the categories which interest you most and enjoy the new, smarter way of shopping!